What’s an OVA, a DOC, RB, MIL and FOG? I mean seriously, when your best girlfriend is getting married to the love of her life and she’s sends you a text that reads:

My MIL is requesting that the OOTG who are single get to bring a SO to the wedding and be invited to the RD, not to mention she wants them to sit at the BP table. I think she’s being totally OTT, but I swear my ILs are going to drive me crazy before this is all over!

At first, you may think that she has literally turned bridezilla on you and now converted into a totally different being from another planet. But not to fret…she is legit talking the ‘Wedding Jargon.’ The good news…we’re here to help.

I remember the very first time I received an email from another vendor that stated, “we require the DOC to finalize those details.” I literally spent 30 minutes typing up a Word Document that laid out all the details I was requesting. Come to find out…she meant Day Of Coordinator!!!!! I mean, I should have totally known that right off the bat, right?!?! … WRONG!!

So then it dawned on me! How many acronyms and abbreviations am I using on a daily basis that people have no idea what they mean; specifically to the couples who we service at Chestnut Ridge. And that’s when I decided that I was going to document (like literal document, not DOC) all the jargon I heard in the wedding industry and make a cheatsheet. So here you are! All your wedding interpretation questions answered. You’re welcome!

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 12.17.27 AM.png

I think all wedding vendors (or anyone who is the expertise in their profession) needs to be reminded that this is a foreign language to folks who don’t ‘live in our world’ every day. We need to have effective communication with our couples, their families and even other vendors. If you’re going to be Ms. Jenny Jargon, be sure to give a legend please. ;-)

And ladies, your girlfriend who is the STBMrs. (or soon-to-be Mrs. in the American language)…well let’s just be honest they can kind of do what they want…it’s their wedding day. But I’m mean seriously…let’s all talk in a manner in which the common person can comprehend. If you’re confusing your BFFA (Best Friend Forever & Always) then you’re more than likely confusing everyone.

Thanks for listening, and learning from our handy-dandy CR Wedding Dictionary!