Its hot, lets just be honest!! 

We've got our top 4 Tips for your Wedding Day to make it more enjoyable for you and your guests!

  1. Serve Welcome Drinks

    YES!! We love them, if you havent heard! They are such a wonderful welcoming touch to let your guests know youre thinking about them at the very beginning of your wedding festivities!

  2. Protect Your Guests from the Sun

    Who says you can't get married outside & beat the heat at the same time! We have the ideal set-up for an outdoor ceremony vibe but its covered and provided a nice breeze through its open-air bays. The perfect combination to make everyone happy. And also, bad biggie!

  3. Ensure their is Shaded Areas during an Outside Cocktail Hour

    Our covered porch is equipped with the most southern hospitality.

    Rocking chairs.

    Ceiling fans.

    Great views. 

    Even better company.

    …See ya there!!

  4. Confirm the Reception Space is Temperature Controlled

    Because getting married in a barn doesn't mean  you have to sweat like an animal. Our 6,400 sq. ft. temperature controlled reception barn is a great escape from the heat and will keep your guests comfortable all night...even when the dance floor gets H O T!

    These are all things we make sure are a must on wedding day. Be sure that when you’re searching for a venue that they can provide you with feasible solutions on hot, steamy days!