Do you dread every year having to socialize with your employees outside of the office? Do you cringe when thinking of going to the same restaurant you've gone to for years for the holiday party to have a dinner with the people you spend more time with than your own family?

No longer do you have to say 'bah humbug' to your Company's Holiday Party. There are many benefits to both the employer and the employee in hosting one, and here's our top 4 reasons:

  • Develops culture.
    It gives you the ability to learn more about what the company is all about, what's important to them, and how they want to treat the employees for the year(s) ahead. It provides them with a time to highlight individual recognition, or even in some cases extends the invitation to very selective clients who you want to show appreciation to for their contribution to the success of your company. 
  • Boosts morale.
    Finish off the year with a high note - everyone is exhausted by the time December roles around, not to mention all the business and holiday shopping they're cramming into their normal 8-5 schedules. Kicking off the New Year by ending the previous one in fun networking is the only way to go!
  • Relationship building.
    Getting to know someone outside of work can really make you appreciate them more at work.
  • Personally Relate
    Personalized recognition, awards, door prizes or even a budgeted gift exchange are a great way to personalize the experience to the diverse members of your company's team.
Personalizing your Company Holiday Party

Personalizing your Company Holiday Party

Okay, so now that you've decided to have a Company Holiday Party...what now? 

The Company Holiday Party Checklist

  • Set a Date - during the week is often best for most people during the holiday months
  • Budget It - sometimes less it more! Plan now, and it won't be a surprise the next year (2017).
  • Decide What Type of Party - luncheon, dinner, retreat, etc.
  • Venue - this can really make a lasting impression on how employees feel and whether they'll plan to come next year. Picking a quality venue, shows the employees that they're valued.
  • Food - venue provided, buffet, plates, passed appetizers, drinks
  • Entertainment & Activites
  • Extras: Planner, photobooth, Holiday gift bags, transportation, etc.

Getting local vendors to be involved in your holiday party creates a sense of community and togetherness.  Work on keeping it local, and keeping it fresh!

Let's be honest - parties are fun! Your employees want to have a good time. While its hard to think about spending money on a holiday party at the end of the year, having one shows that you genuinely value the employee — their happiness outside of work, affects your success in the workplace.

Chestnut Ridge offers business dinners, luncheons, conferences, corporate events, and even retreats. We are available to hosting a variety of events, and nows the time to look into what your 2017 Holiday Party has in store. Not only will it be here before you know it, but Chestnut Ridge has found that we are the perfect spot for corporate events big or small, and have all the resources at you need to make it easy and memorable.