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Brittney Rice, Founder and Owner of Flawless, grew up in western North Carolina and is a lover of all things Southern, exploring the mountains with her husband and English setters, antiquing and thrifting, and classy, natural style. Her sense of simplicity and style led her to establish Flawless in 2011 when she began providing airbrush makeup services as a team of one. Brittney has worked with hundreds of brides, achieving the perfect look for their special day.

Brittney founded Flawless on the guiding principle that while makeup makes each of us feel great on the outside, what is more important is the beauty that lies within. Since founding Flawless, Brittney has successfully grown her business to include a team of expertly-trained makeup and hair artists, and become the sought-after wedding makeup and hair team in the Asheville area. Brittney and the Flawless team have an incredible knack for accentuating and highlighting natural beauty in a truly flawless way.

I feel so blessed to be able to highlight women’s natural beauty as my business. It truly doesn’t feel like work to me – it’s getting to utilize my expertise to make them feel perfect on the most important day of their lives.
— Brittney Rice, Owner of Flawless

The Flawless team is comprised of eight expertly-trained artists and stylists, a team large enough to accommodate any size wedding party. These skilled professionals provide natural and unique styles suited to any bride’s dream look for her wedding day. Flawless is based near Asheville, NC, in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, with the ability to travel to any destination in the region to provide services.

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A Dramatic Difference

Not only is achieving the look you desire important for your “I Dos,” so is having a look that lasts. Makeup that stays in place through tears, photos, laughter, hugs, eating, and dancing throughout the day is essential to feeling confident and at ease, knowing your radiant smile is picture-perfect as memories are captured.


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Airbrush foundation surpasses traditional foundation, with all-day, waterproof, stay-in-place perfection that looks effortless and natural. The beauty of airbrush makeup is that it allows brides to achieve as natural or as dramatic a look as they desire. With a lightweight feel, brides can fully enjoy their day, letting loose and living every moment without worrying about touch-ups, runs, or smears. Come tears, sweat, or rain, airbrush goes the distance and lasts throughout the event.


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Perfecting Your Look

Prior to an event, the Flawless team enjoys the opportunity to get together with brides to complete a makeup and hair trial, learning about the bride and understanding her unique preferences, look, and inner beauty. This can be done as part of another special pre-wedding day, such as an engagement photo shoot or bridal portraits, or simply as a trial run to ensure perfection for a wedding-day dream look. One of the benefits of choosing Flawless is having the option to choose either or both makeup and hair services. Brides and wedding parties can opt for these services based on their needs and preferences, and Flawless is committed to accommodating your needs.

The Flawless Team

The Flawless team consists of Founder and Owner Brittney Rice, makeup artists Deidre Mattingly, Leah Henson-Milan, and Jordan Palmer, and hair stylists Haley Fisher, Kersten Surrett, Heather Thompson, and Brooke Belcher. Collectively, these artists have over 60 years’ experience in their fields, making them a team of experts capable of accomplishing many different looks and styles.

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The Love for Legacy

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Partnering with Chestnut Ridge is a dream come true for Brittney, who grew up near the venue property and spent her childhood playing there.
“It’s amazing to me that the land I grew up playing on as a child is being transformed into a place brides and couples will remember for the rest of their lives,” says Brittney. “And it will truly be an honor for me to work alongside Chestnut Ridge in creating those memories for our clients.”
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