Noah and Brittany are high school sweethearts – but the unconventional kind, whose strong foundation of friendship laid the groundwork for love early on. Having met in a ninth grade homeroom class, Noah and Brittany noticed each other right away, but had only moments to talk before the bell would ring. Little did Brittany know, the talk would not always remain small: she was talking with her future husband.

When they finally had a class together two years had passed, and, as high school juniors, Noah and Brittany found themselves mingling in the same social circles. Before long, their group of friends were inseparable, and Noah and Brittany were seeing a lot more of one another. When two of their friends became a couple, Noah and Brittany – quite naturally – found themselves spending time together and talking more and more. During their conversations, it became apparent that the things they had in common – a love for God, animals, bluegrass music, and more – were not just topics of conversation, but things that were forming a bond between them that neither one could deny.

In the spring of the year, Noah and Brittany decided to go to prom together along with their good friends. The moment Noah saw Brittany – in her floor length black dress and high, Zebra-patterned heels – was the moment he knew he had truly fallen for her. Though Brittany remained oblivious at the time, everyone around knew what they were watching: a young man falling in love.

From that point forward, Noah pursued Brittany and made an attempt to talk to her every day. As their feelings for one another grew, they both acknowledged in their hearts that what was happening between them was more than friendship. During the summer of 2011 Noah asked Brittany to be his girlfriend, and she happily accepted. Both valuing their faith and basing their relationship on God, they took dating seriously and knew that this type of commitment meant they wanted to find that “forever” person. They both committed to praying over their relationship and allowing God to lead them forward, knowing the rest would fall into place.

After graduating and starting college classes locally, Noah decided to finish his degree at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, while Brittany stayed home to finish hers. The couple knew sustaining a long-distance relationship would be difficult, but their love for each other helped them overcome any doubts they had. As they parted ways many tears were shed, and during their time apart many hours were spent on the phone, maintaining the connection they’d always had.

“It wasn’t easy,” says Brittany, “but as the saying goes, distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.”

When Noah returned home after college graduation, he had no doubt it was time to ask Brittany to marry him. On June 21, 2016, in a picturesque and meaningful setting – on the mountain behind his house at sunset – Noah asked Brittany to spend forever with him.

Brittany and Noah are excited to start a new chapter of their lives, and their love story, together.

“We’ve grown so much in our five years together,” the couple acknowledges. They love having adventures together and it’s obvious they strive to make each other the best version of themselves.
“We are so blessed that we will be able to share our special day in front of God, our family, and our friends at Chestnut Ridge,” says Brittany.

Be sure to check back for photos and details of Noah and Brittany’s wedding after they tie the knot!